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Super Sticky n Fluffly Jasmine Rice

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Super Sticky n Fluffly Jasmine Rice, perfectly cooked every time. I love this rice, it works well with so many different dishes, although traditionally seen alongside Thai dishes. You can even make it into pretty shapes with a nice cup/mug! Jasmine rice needs a lot less water than normal white rice, it also cooks a little quicker, the result is super sticky, fluffy, slightly sweet and wholesome.

Full Recipe Below and #YouTube Video coming soon!!

The two secrets to getting the perfect Sticky, Fluffy Jasmine rice are, don't wash the rice, and once the water is boiling, pop the lid on, turn the heat down, and don't touch it for 8 mins!


Take your Jasmine rice, do not wash it, and measure out as follows:

  • 2 People - 190g Jasmine rice / 330ml cold water.

  • 4 People - 380g Jasmine rice / 660ml cold water.

  • 6 People - 570g Jasmine rice / 990ml cold water.

Place the rice and cold water into a good pan, non-stick isn't so much of an issue here, but the pan should be a good size to accommodate the rice and water. If you want to flavour the rice, add your flavourings here, lemon and orange peel work well, star anise, rock salt etc.

Bring the pan to the boil, once it's started boiling wait 30 secs then pop on the lid and turn the heat down to your lowest setting. Now you need to leave this for 8 mins, do not open the lid, just leave it to slowly boil and steam. Once the 8 mins are up, fork through the rice and serve immediately. If you want to shape the rice push it into a cup/mug with a spoon, then quickly turn this out onto the plate/bowl, the rice will keep the shape.

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