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Skin on Rosemary and Garlic Salted Skinny Fries

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

You won't want to buy frozen skinny fries anymore! If you want the perfect fries every time, my homemade restaurant-style version are crunchy, crispy and fluffy in the middle with an amazing hit of salt, garlic and fresh rosemary. These skinny fries are so easy and cheap to make, and you'll be amazed just how many fries you get from one bag of humble spuds.


  1. Bag of Maris Piper Potatoes

  2. Cornflour

  3. Vegetable / Sunflower Oil

  4. Deep Fryer or Thermomitor and Deep Pan

  5. Rock Salt

  6. Garlic Granules

  7. Fresh Rosemary

  8. Pestle & Mortar


Take a handful of your potatoes, leaving the skin on and cut them into thin 1-2 cm slices, then cut these down into skinny fries, as your cutting them down place them into a bowl of cold water. Once all the fries are cut, we need to wash them well. Give them 3-4 good washes, and place them back into a bowl of fresh cold water again, leave them to stand for around 20 mins. Then take your fries out of the water and dry them well.

Heat your oil or deep fryer to around 150c, pop your dry fries into the oil for 5-6 mins, remove and drain. Allow these to cool and then dust in cornflower, tossing the fries well to coat them evenly. Raise the heat of your oil / deep fryer to 190c and now fry your skinny fries for another 4-5 mins until golden brown and floating to the top of the oil.

Whilst these are frying grab a pestle and mortar, chuck in a good handful of rock salt, add to this a shake of garlic granules, and some freshly chopped rosemary leaves. Then bash into a fine salt. Once the fries are ready, drain well, chuck into a large bowl and mix in with the herb and salt mixture. You must do this when they are hot so the salt sticks to the fries.

Enjoy! These truly are sensational.

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