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Pollo Al Mattone - Chicken Under a Brick

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

An amazing, authentic, hearty Italian dish. Best served with super fresh homemade pesto, some nice olive oil, and fresh lemon. The hardest part about this dish is, well finding a brick!

Full Recipe below and #YouTube Video below!


  1. Chicken breast's

  2. Olive Oil

  3. Lemon Oil

  4. Fresh Lemon Juice + Zest

  5. Fresh Thyme

  6. Fresh Basil

  7. Bay Leaf

  8. Garlic cloves

  9. Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pesto - OR make your own! (#recipe coming soon!)

  10. Fresh Rocket

  11. Zip Lock Fridge / Freezer Bags

To Create The Brick?:

Find a normal size house brick (this can be challenging!), that will fit into your griddle pan. Wash this and cover in tin foil, we will heat this up in the oven later.


Take your chicken breasts and slice them down the middle carefully, opening them up as you go to spatchcock them, effectively making one large thin piece of chicken. Pop them into the Ziplock bag and drizzle with olive oil, season with rock salt and pepper, crush 2 x garlic cloves and throw them in, cut a lemon in half, and squeeze this into the bag, zest some of the lemon into the bag then throw the lemon halves in as well. Grab some fresh thyme and basil and throw a handful of each in, tearing the herbs up as you go. Drizzle over some Lemon Oil, seal the bag, removing the air, and set it in the fridge for 1-2 hours on a plate, turning every hour to ensure the chicken is well covered.

Before the chicken is ready to come out, turn your oven to 220 degrees celsius and heat up the brick in tin foil and your griddle pan for 20-30 mins (make sure the griddle pan handle is oven safe!!!!).

Once the brick and griddle pan are searingly hot, take the chicken out of the marinade bag and place it into the griddle pan, drizzling with lemon oil. Place the brick on top, and pop into the oven for 15-20 mins, turning regularly to ensure a crispy coating and char marks.

To Plate:

Let the chicken rest for a moment or so, drizzle the plate in pesto, slice the chicken, and place it on top of the pesto. Drizzle the chicken with lemon oil and drops of pesto, finish with freshly chopped basil and fresh rocket :)

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