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Charcoal Grilled BBQ Chicken Pittas’s

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

There’s something so special and tasty about BBQ marinated chicken, slowly cooked on a charcoal BBQ. Smokey, sweet, salty crunchy, and full of Summer flavour, these BBQ charcoal-cooked chicken pittas will change up your Summer BBQ! I've been testing the best marinade combos for Summer, and this is right up there on my list. Quick and easy to make, but packs a huge flavour punch.

Full recipe below and #YouTube video out soon!


  1. Chicken Breast Mini Fillets

  2. Pitta Breads

  3. Fresh Red Chilli

  4. Fresh Coriander

  5. Finely Sliced Red Onion

  6. Finley Sliced Spring Onion

  7. Nando's Smokey BBQ Peri Peri Rub

  8. Nando's Mild Perinaise

  9. Bulls Eye Original BBQ Sauce


Slice up your Chicken Mini Breast Fillets, so they are about half the size. Pop these into a large bowl with a glug of olive oil, some salt, and pepper, a sachet of Nando's Smokey BBQ Peri Peri Rub, and a large glug of Bulls Eye Original BBQ Sauce. Mix well, pop some cling film on top and stick it in the fridge for around an hour.

Whilst the chicken is marinating, finely slice the red chilli, spring onions, red onion and tear up some coriander leaf. When the BBQ is ready and the chicken has finished marinating, grill the chicken low and slow, and ideally over charcoal. When they are ready, pop them in a warm oven and toast your pitta breads.

To Finish:

Pop a squirt of Nando's Mild Perinaise into a toasted pitta bread, followed by some finely sliced red onion, spring onions, a little red chili, and some torn coriander. Finish off with the beautiful BBQ Chicken and a squirt of Bulls Eye Original BBQ Sauce

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